Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

  • Using Aspirin for Angina Treatment

    If you've been diagnosed with angina, one treatment your doctor may recommend is aspirin. Not only does aspirin help relieve the symptoms of angina, but it also helps reduce the risk of a heart attack, which is a real concern in patients with angina. Here are some questions you may have after your doctor puts you on aspirin for the treatment of angina. How often do you need to take the aspirin?

  • 5 Signs That You Need Urgent Dermatology Services

    Skin is a very important organ. Apart from protecting other organs, warming the body, and defending you against diseases, the skin highly defines your appearance. In case you develop a severe or mild skin condition, it can be stressful. However, there are dermatologists who can diagnose and treat over 3,000 conditions, including skin cancer, eczema, and psoriasis, among others. How do you know if you need to see one? Here are five signs to check:

  • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Might Be An Option For Removing Your Varicose Veins

    Sclerotherapy is a treatment for varicose veins that involves injecting a substance into your veins. If the veins are close to the surface of your skin, your doctor can see them clearly to give the injection. If the veins are deeper, your doctor might need to use Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy to get the best results. Here's how Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy works. Your Veins Are Mapped With An Ultrasound The doctor uses ultrasound equipment to map out your varicose veins.

  • Treating Pregnancy Back Pain

    Pregnancy has a significant impact on just above every part of your body, including your back. Whether it is the strain of the extra weight or a pain management treatment, such as an epidural, with pregnancy there comes a risk of long-term back pain. Fortunately, there are back pain treatment options that can help in this scenario. The Hormonal Link Hormones play a large role in the back pain many people experience during pregnancy and post-partum.

  • Top Reasons To Use A Medical Transportation Service For Your Elderly Parent

    Your elderly parent might have to go to the doctor on a regular basis or might regularly have to seek other types of medical care. Medical transportation services are one option you can use to get your parent to and from their doctors' appointments. Here is why this might actually be a really good idea for your family. Make Things Easier for Yourself First of all, as someone who has an elderly parent, you might spend a lot of time providing them with care.

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    Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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