Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Great Qualities To Look For In Nursing Scrubs

by Joann Dunn

When you're a nurse, your scrubs get put through the wringer. They get splashed with fluids, stretched as you lift, and sometimes even caught between equipment. If you want your scrubs to ensure this tough profession, then you need to think carefully before you buy. Here are some good qualities to look for in nursing scrubs.

Triple Stitching

When scrubs rip, it is usually along the stitched seams. As a nurse, there will be times when your scrubs get caught or pushed under something as you struggle to lift a patient or move a big piece of equipment. The stronger the stitching, the less likely they are to rip under these circumstances. Triple-stitched scrubs are less likely to rip than those with only double stitching.

Breathable Material

It's important that scrubs be water-resistant so that any liquids you spill on them are less likely to stain. However, some water-resistant material is not breathable. So, you want to look for scrubs that are specifically advertised as being "breathable." This way, you'll stay a lot cooler throughout the day, even when you are called on to do some physical labor like lifting patients. You will feel fresher, and you should have fewer issues with skin conditions like eczema, which tends to flare up when your skin stays moist for too long.

Big, Deep Pockets

As a nurse, you always have 100 different tools to carry. And just when you think you've grabbed everything you need, the doctor calls to you, "bring an extra syringe, please!" If you can fit all of the essentials in your scrubs, then you won't have to carry and keep track of an extra carrying case. So, look for scrubs with deep, cargo short-style pockets. Some scrubs have side and back pockets, which is even better. An ample chest pocket on the scrub shirt is perfect, too.

Quick-Drying Material

With your busy schedule, planning to do laundry is not always easy. You may end up ending a 12-hour shift and having no clean scrubs for your next shift in just 12 hours. Quick-drying scrubs come in really handy here since they don't have to spend as much time in the dryer.

Nursing is a valuable profession, but it is not easy on your clothing. Take your time to read about various scrubs before you buy them. Not all scrubs are made with the qualities and features that nurses need. For more information, check out medical equipment suppliers that offer women's scrubs and other clothing.


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Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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