Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

  • Can You Hear Me Now? Hearing Aid Devices That Let You Hear Callers Better

    Hearing aids can change the way you hear for the better. However, if you still have problems hearing people on the phone, there are additional devices that can help you hear your callers with greater clarity. Many of these devices can be acquired through your audiologist, or through your phone company. Hearing Aid Compatible Phones These portable phones work with your hearing aids to reduce feedback noise and prevent that annoying, piercing shriek you currently experience.

  • Have A Bad Sliver? It's Time To Visit Urgent Care

    When you get a bad sliver in your finger or foot, you can often get it out yourself with a pair of tweezers, a tiny needle, and perhaps also a magnifying glass. Self-care might be your first approach, but if you struggle to remove the sliver, it isn't something to ignore. Even though the average sliver isn't a serious health risk, it can be uncomfortable, and there may be a chance that it gets infected, too.

  • Repairing The Brain: Alternatives To Cutting Open The Skull

    Neurosurgery has come a long way from cutting open a person's skull to repair what is inside. In fact, there are a lot of brain surgeries conducted by neurosurgeons that involve entering the brain in other ways. Here are just a few examples. An Opening in an Artery or Vein In this type of surgery, the surgeon opens an artery or vein, usually in the upper arm, neck, or thigh. The blood vessel is clamped off to prevent excessive bleeding.

  • Important Things You Should Know About Wound Care

    Your skin serves as a barrier to protect your body from extreme temperatures, infection, and even radiation. You can sustain damage to your skin when you suffer injuries such as punctures and penetrating wounds or lacerations as well as other types of skin wounds. Some wounds are easily addressed with cleansing and dressing applications, but some wounds that you suffer must be skilfully covered to avoid the development of bacterial growth and other associated problems.

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Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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