Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Can You Hear Me Now? Hearing Aid Devices That Let You Hear Callers Better

by Joann Dunn

Hearing aids can change the way you hear for the better. However, if you still have problems hearing people on the phone, there are additional devices that can help you hear your callers with greater clarity. Many of these devices can be acquired through your audiologist, or through your phone company.

Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

These portable phones work with your hearing aids to reduce feedback noise and prevent that annoying, piercing shriek you currently experience. The phones are equipped with feedback minimizers so that the acoustic sound you hear does not experience any interference. There are also telecoils that you can plug into the phone and then plug into your hearing aid while you are holding your phone away from you.

Phone Amplifiers

Phone amplifiers amplify only the voice on the other end of the line. Some of the higher-end models of phone amplifiers also dampen background noise so that you can hear your callers more clearly. These work best with landline phones, your work phone, and phones that connect over the internet.

Neck Loops and Earhook Silhouettes

Both of these cable devices connect to and recognize telecoil technology in your cellphone. They produce an eletromagnetic signal that aids in the telecoil's ability to translate noise into sound. They are especially useful for anyone has lost most or close to all of his/her hearing.

The neckloop connects hearing aid to hearing aid in an almost necklace-like fashion. It means that you can use both hearing aids to hear simultaneously and clearly. The earhook silhouettes work with just one hearing aid at a time, but if you only need it for telephone calls, it is perfect.

Cellphones Adapted for the Hard of Hearing

Of course, you can always remove your hearing aids when you receive a call and just use your special cellphone. These cellphones are adapted for the hard of hearing. A little switch on the phone allows you to turn on this adaptive feature. The U.S. government approved this feature on most cellphones currently produced, so that you can purchase the cellphone you most want.

Ask Your Audiologist about Other Options for Hearing Telephone Calls

Your audiologist knows of a whole list of devices that can help. If you find that none of the previously-mentioned items work for you, or that you cannot use them at all, your audiologist can help you find something that does. Do not give up; there is a solution for nearly everyone that wears hearing aids and would like to hear and talk to people on the phone.


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