Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Important Things You Should Know About Wound Care

by Joann Dunn

Your skin serves as a barrier to protect your body from extreme temperatures, infection, and even radiation. You can sustain damage to your skin when you suffer injuries such as punctures and penetrating wounds or lacerations as well as other types of skin wounds. Some wounds are easily addressed with cleansing and dressing applications, but some wounds that you suffer must be skilfully covered to avoid the development of bacterial growth and other associated problems. Your body, of course, goes about doing its part and contributes to the process of healing your wound.

Defense Mechanism of Blood Clotting

Your body uses its own intelligent defense mechanism to care for the wound you've suffered. One of the great wonders of your body is its natural ability to perform blood clotting. Once you have a wound, blood rushes to the injury site and releases platelets that immediately cover the wound. This activity is discontinued when enough clotting is achieved. Cell repair begins thereafter and continues until the repair job is completed. Be quite observant about the depth of a wound, which indicates if immediate medical care is needed

Depth Of Wounds

While you can safely address superficial wounds at home, learn when it's important for you to seek medical care in order to avoid wound infection. Wounds that are quite deep could cause infection or loss of function underneath your skin. You cannot see the danger this causes. However, deep wounds under your skin harm tendons, arteries, nerves, muscles, and bones. This in turn creates complications and long-term healing problems later on. Avoid all complications that can arise and which may lead to connective tissue dysfunction. Remember that proper functioning of all connective tissues under your skin is dependent upon proper wound care. Make an immediate decision to obtain medical care when you've been bitten by a human being or an animal.

Emergency Room For Human And Animal Bites

Go to a hospital emergency room if you've been bitten by a human being or an animal. There is a high possibility that infection will occur with this type of wound. It helps when you keep copies of each family member's tetanus immunization records in a safe place all the time. Physicians generally ask for that kind of information when you arrive for wound care at their facilities. The immunization record will indicate whether or not a tetanus booster vaccine was administered over the last five years.

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Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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