Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

  • Having A Colonoscopy? What To Expect

    A colonoscopy is a type of diagnostic testing where a small camera is inserted into the anus to view the inside the large intestine. Colonoscopies are used to diagnose any number of conditions, such as functional problems or malignancies. Knowing what to expect will make the process less concerning. Preparation Bowel prep is the process you will follow in the days leading up to your colonoscopy. The goal is to clean out your intestines of waste before the procedure so the doctor can visualize your intestine.

  • Benefits of Acupuncture in Migraine Treatment

    Migraines are a common issue affecting numerous people across the globe. The neurological condition has various symptoms, such as throbbing headaches, nausea, and vomiting, making the victim's life unbearable. These symptoms can be severe and last for a few days, thus hindering you from working or participating in your daily activities. Although most people prefer various medical interventions to cure these symptoms, acupuncture presents an excellent and effective alternative to managing migraines.

  • 3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Covid-19 Testing Service To Utilize

    Are you getting ready to be tested for Covid-19? Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a facility to get tested at: How Long Does It Take to Get Results? It is important to find out how long it will take to receive the results of your test after the test is administered to you. Will you get the results before you leave the testing site, or will you have to wait for a phone call or email to learn the results?

  • Understanding Overactive Bladder Causes And Treatment Options

    Anyone suffering from an overactive bladder, OAB, knows how frustrating it is to always be near a restroom or looking for one. What's worse is the sudden and numerous urges to urinate don't always happen during the day. Some people with OAB suffer incontinence which affects the quality of sleep. Some people with this condition don't drink enough fluids, especially when away from home, and this leads to even more health issues.

  • Varying Skin Complaints That Medical Grade Chemical Peels Can Address

    Numerous salons offer beauty treatments that promise to improve your skin and overall appearance. But to ensure that you are getting legitimate treatments from specialized personnel, it is always best to seek medical spa services. Unlike beauty salons, medical spas offer beauty treatments in a controlled environment. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of harmful side effects that could cause irreparable damage to your body. If you are booking an appointment at a medical spa for the first time, you can be daunted by the vast array of services they offer including, but not limited to, microdermabrasion, Botox, and even laser skin resurfacing.

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Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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