Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Temperature-Scanning Kiosks And Their Benefits

by Joann Dunn

An elevated body temperature is a symptom of many types of communicable diseases. Nowadays, with COVID-19 and other transmissible diseases circulating through the population, many businesses are considering the use of temperature-scanning kiosks.

Here is a bit of information about these devices and the benefits that they provide.

What Is a Temperature-Scanning Kiosk?

Temperature-scanning kiosks use infrared technology to check individual body temperatures. The devices, which record the scan information, may also be equipped with facial recognition abilities.

What Are Some of the Advantages of a Temperature Kiosk?

Temperature kiosks offer multiple advantages. Here are a few of them.

Contactless Temperature Readings

A human doesn't have to take the temperature of a person who could be ill. Some diseases are more easily transferable when a person comes near a sick individual.

Nevertheless, many businesses designate employees to screen fellow workers who are entering a building. These individuals conduct the screening while standing near the potentially infected individuals. Thus, the human screeners are placed at risk.

Building Access Moderation

Some kiosks include software that helps restrict access to a building when an abnormal reading is taken. The software is integrated with the badge-scanning technology of the entry door. When an abnormal rating is received, the badge of the potentially ill person will not unlock the doors of the building.

Only people with normal temperature screens are permitted badge entry. If a person does have a higher-than-normal body temperature, the kiosk can help prevent their entry into a workspace environment where multiple people could be potentially exposed to contagions.

Quick, Consistent Results

Temperature-taking kiosks can conduct a scan and produce results within a few seconds. Since the scanning process is automatic, a large degree of human error is eliminated, and the results tend to be more accurate.

Sanitation Stations

Temperature kiosks may also include sanitation stations that dispense hand sanitizer and wipes. Thus, workers and visitors can clean their hands before entering the building.

The dispenser is typically automatic, releasing a sanitizing foam or gel when a motion detector is triggered. As a result, there is no actual contact between the skin of the scanned individual and the kiosk.

Communications With Management

The kiosk can share reports and temperature readings with company management. Thus, management can receive immediate knowledge of screened employees who are not being permitted entry to the building and make appropriate staffing adjustments quickly.

To learn more about temperature-scanning kiosks, contact a supplier in your local area.


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