Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Problematic Pedicures: Why Pampering Your Toes May Not Sit Well with Your Podiatrist

by Joann Dunn

Pretty feet and toes may be all the rage, but having too many pedicures performed on your feet could lead to both short and long-term problems. If you're a fan of the fabulous feeling you get during pedicures and how perfectly polished your toes look afterward, be on the lookout for tell-tale signs that your toes have had enough, at least for the time being. Since you need your feet to be fully functional for walking, it's not worth taking the risk, even for the sake of having the most glamorous feet on the planet.

Your Toe Nails Could Be Trimmed Too Much

If your toenails are constantly trimmed and filed, your nails may not grow properly, resulting in a number of problems, from thickening to abnormal growth patterns. You might also be leaving the delicate skin underneath (the nail) vulnerable to injury or infection. 

Cuticles Can Become Irritated

While cuticle growth may spoil the look of perfectly pampered toes, cutting cuticles down to size could result in bacterial growth, as the cuticles main function is to shield the incoming nail from germs and damage. Request your cuticles be gently pushed up and off the nail bed at your next pedicure, rather than bluntly cut.

Constant Polish Has Consequences

Your nails are comprised of skin cells, which need oxygen to grow and that process is inhibited by the constant presence of polish. Polish may also stain your nails, making it somewhat unsightly for you to go without the colorful covering when needed, unless you cover up your feet. The toxins in polish can be absorbed through the nail, too, meaning you're exposing yourself to unnecessary chemicals far too often. 

Lotions & Potions Can Lead to Fungus & Infections

Particularly between the toes, moisture may lead to fungal infections, and this is more likely to occur if your feet are always covered in lotion. Ask your pedicure practitioner to skip the area between your toes when applying moisturizer, lest you risk a possibly painful condition that can spread all over your feet, leading to thick, dry nails that break more easily, and even (oh no!), stinky feet!

Over-Soaking Is Counterproductive to Healthy Feet

Even though resting your tired feet in a warm soak feels fantastic, doing so too frequently may leave your feet dry and cracked. This is because the over-bathing removes natural oils from skin and depletes your skin's own healing abilities. You may have noticed more severe cracking at the heel a day or so after a pedicure with soaking and this is your feet's way of telling you the pedicures are just too much. 

Showing Off Your Tantalizing Toes in Impractical Shoes Is Hazardous

Sophisticated sandals and even your most comfortable flip-flops may be wreaking havoc on your feet, even though they're the best shoes for showing off your beautiful feet and toes.  They don't usually offer support for any part of your body and leave your toes open to bumps and bruises, including the dreaded toe stub. Rather than wearing these impractical shoes all the time, pop them on once you arrive at your destination, to allow a reprieve from the abuse. Shoes that aren't good for you can cause tendinitis, pinched nerves, permanent heel pain and will most likely leave you with an aching back, too.

Talk to a foot specialist if you think your pedicures are becoming problematic. There could be some other underlying issue, or you may need to take a break from the fancy footwork. No matter what, though, make the health and well being of your feet a priority over the pedicures. A foot doctor will likely tell you that you can have too much of a good thing, including the pedicures you love.


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