Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Clear Braces Instead Of Metal A Super Option For Your Teen

by Joann Dunn

Have you recently been told that your child will need to have braces to correct an orthodontic problem, but your teen is negative about the treatment? There are a few different options you can consider to make wearing braces more bearable, and less noticeable for your teen.

Unfortunately, your teen may be self-conscious about having to wear a mouth full of metal in front of their friends. They also may not want the hassle of braces, or the inconveniences that braces can cause. If so, consider the clear plastic braces option for their treatment. Here are benefits your teen will enjoy.

No Painful Tightening

Wire braces have to be tightened every 4-6 weeks to help keep the teeth moving into proper position. This can leave your teen's mouth and face very sore, causing sensitivity and difficulty eating. With clear mouth pieces, you get new pieces instead of the pain.


The clear plastic pieces aren't as noticeable as the metal wires and brackets, and most people shouldn't see that they are in the mouth. They are completely clear and cling to the teeth, and your teen doesn't have to feel like people are staring at their mouth.

Easy Oral Care

Metal brackets and wires can prevent you from flossing and brushing the teeth properly. The clear pieces are easily removed, and then the bare teeth can be brushed. It's easy for your teen to floss their gum tissue. Your teen also can take them out when they eat, so they don't have to worry about food getting caught in the braces. A hard plastic piece is ideal for storage.

Fewer Components to Damage

Biting on something hard or eating the wrong foods can damage the wire braces, and so can getting hit in the mouth. You may have to worry about damaged wires, loose or broken brackets, broken bands, and injuries when the teen has braces. These are going to be costly repairs, and can set back the orthodontic treatment, and you don't have these problems with the invisible braces.

Your orthodontist will have to look at your teen's teeth to see if they can use the clear braces system instead of needing traditional braces. Your teen won't have to worry about attaching rubber bands every day, getting their braces adjusted and tightened frequently, or putting in a custom fitting athletic mouthpiece for contact sports when you make the decision to let them use the clear braces system. (For more information, contact Bradley R Welsh DDS or another practitioner)


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Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

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