Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Elderly Care: Treating And Preventing Mobility Problems

by Joann Dunn

When a person you love begins to age, you begin to worry about their health and safety more and more. And as their mobility becomes more and more of an issue, you wonder what you could possibly do to help them. While you cannot physically be present to watch them every moment of every day, you can take steps to help ensure that they stay as healthy and mobile as possible as they continue to go though the process of aging. So, learn the options that will help your loved one with their mobility troubles.

Physical Therapy

When your elderly loved one is having difficulty moving around their home, one of the best remedies to the problem could be physical therapy with a company like the Holly Heights Nursing Home. Physical therapy is a medical service that uses exercises and various therapies to help with recovery from injuries or physical ailments that affect daily living tasks.

Your elderly loved one will be assessed by the physical therapist, and given exercises to perform both at appointments and at home to increase mobility, flexibility, and the like. Physical therapy is particularly helpful if your loved one has fallen, had surgery, or sustained any type of injury. Physical rehabilitation therapy will speed up their recovery and make sure they do not suffer any unnecessary permanent damage. 


Yoga is an exercise program that is appropriate for anyone at any level of fitness and any age. It is a practice that focuses on the connection between the mind and body through a series of stretches, poses, and breathing exercises. 

The increased flexibility that yoga helps to provide will help your elderly loved one with better mobility, balance, and agility. This can prevent them from falls and from suffering other accidents in their home. 

Go For Walks With Your Loved One

If you want to go for more of a minor adjustment to your loved one's regular routine, you could go for walks outdoors with them whenever you stop by to visit. Getting outdoors and walking around can help your loved one to get the exercise that they need, increase muscle tone to support joint health, and help improve their overall quality of life. 

This step allows you to spend quality time with your loved one and helps them to get the physical activity they need to stay mobile and healthy for many years to come. These are moments that you will cherish in the future. 

While you are concerned with your elderly loved one's health and mobility as they age, you can take several steps to help keep them safe. All you need to do is encourage them and accompany them on their appointments and outings. 


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