Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Picking Out Uniforms For Medical School

by Joann Dunn

If you are going to school to obtain a career in the medical field, you will need to take into consideration the apparel that will be needed to be worn in medical settings. The students will need to be properly clothed in clinical areas to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Here are some of the types of clothing you will want to have on hand for your school's medical program:

Standard Scrubs

It is customary for all nursing students to wear scrubs in office settings. This is a professional look that most doctor's offices use as their standard dress. Scrubs can be bought in an array of different solid colors or in different patterns.

In recent years, medical professionals will allow scrubs with patterns and characters printed upon them as long as they are not distracting. This is a fun way to dress up your medical wardrobe.

Laboratory Jackets

Lab coats and jackets are another piece of clothing used in medical settings. Usually, a medical student or apprentice will have a shorter jacket length than a doctor would. This helps patients to distinguish which of the employees are the main doctors. Lab coats are usually white and will have front pockets in which you can place a few small items. They are collared and cover your clothing in a professional manner.

Surgical Clothing

If you are learning about surgical processes, you need clothing that will keep the operating room completely sanitary. Medical students will be required to cover their hair with a hat to keep stray pieces away from the operating table. Shoes will need to be covered with surgical foot coverings so there is no chance of any stray dirt or other debris getting into the room. Face masks are worn to keep nasal and oral fluids from contaminating the area, as well. 


When picking shoes to be worn in medical settings, you will want to look for something with slip-resistant soles. Wearing sneakers is not considered professional and a work shoe is recommended in medical settings. Look for a shoe that has shock-absorbing features to help keep your knees and feet protected when walking hard flooring.

Hospital settings will not have carpeting in areas where medical procedures are being performed. This puts added pressure on the feet after a long day at work, so you will want to consider placing an insole inside the shoe to help relieve your feet. To learn more, contact a company like Scrubs N Stuff with any questions you have.


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