Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

Pregnant? What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy

3 FAST And Drug Free Pain Relief Solutions For A Herniated Disc In The Neck

by Joann Dunn

A herniated disc in the neck can be extraordinarily painful, and can impede an individual's daily life and ability to enjoy activities. Long term herniated disc treatment may involve surgical repair or other therapies; however, these don't generally provide fast and effective pain relief. If you are experiencing neck pain due to a herniated disc, here are 3 fast, easy and drug free solutions that can help. 

1. Chiropractic Treatment 

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective drug-free herniated disc treatments, and has been proven to be particularly effective for a herniated disc in the neck. Most chiropractors accept walk-in appointments, and can provide a manipulation of the neck that helps reduce pressure on the nerves in the spine and can relieve pain in as little as one visit. Depending on your condition and level of pain, however, your chiropractor may order diagnostic tests like an x-ray or MRI to determine if there are additional problems that need to be treated. 

2. Moist Heat Therapy 

Heat can feel great on a painful neck and is an excellent herniated disc treatment that can be done in just a few minutes at home. Skip the heating pad and opt for moist heat instead, which penetrates the tissues more thoroughly and helps the muscles in the neck relax. A hot water bottle is an effective choice, as is a reusable/microwavable heating pack. Discuss with your doctor the best way to use heat to relieve your pain quickly at home. 

3. Acupressure 

Acupressure targets the same pain relief points in the neck as acupuncture, but can be done anywhere once you learn the points on the neck that you need to put pressure on in order to relieve the pain of a herniated disc. The pressure points just below the skull on either of the spine, as well as the pressure points on either side of the shoulders at the bottom of the neck, can help you achieve fast pain relief. 

Herniated disc treatment differs for everyone, and the same pain relief solutions that work for one person may not work for another. Discuss with your doctor, a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist about the various drug free and fast pain relief options you can utilize to achieve a higher level of comfort with a herniated disc in the neck. With proper treatment and pain relief options, you can lead a happy, fulfilling and active life. Click here for info about other solutions and treatments.


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